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What if my child has never wrestled before?

No problem! Many wrestlers don’t begin wrestling until middle school or 9th grade. The Fairfax wrestling staff uses a proven system with new wrestlers to develop fundamental techniques and movements. This system provides new wrestlers with a sound foundation to build on and the confidence to compete!


Is wrestling safe?

Yes. Several studies have shown that wrestling is safer than many common sports such as football, gymnastics, basketball, and ice hockey. The most important finding in these studies is wrestling’s low percentage of serious, permanent, and life-threatening injuries compared to other sports.

Wrestling is a contact sport and injuries will occur. As would be expected, wrestling has ore injuries than tennis and swimming, but most wrestling injuries are minor, consisting of sprains and strains. Wrestling has fewer serious injuries than football, basketball, or ice hockey. There is a lesser chance of getting seriously hurt when wrestling than when riding a car, skateboarding, or riding a dirt bike. -USA Wrestling

Here are some things that contribute to wrestling’s high safety record:

  • High ratio of officials to athletes (1 for every 2)
  • Competitors are matched by age and weight
  • Greater strength and flexibility as a result of more emphasis on practice and preparation
  • Rules, regulations, and state certified officials


But what about ringworm and other skin infections?


  • Ringworm (aka tinea corporis) is a fungus — it’s NOT a worm or parasite as the name implies.
  • It appears as a dime-sized circular ring or rash that can last for days or weeks untreated
  • It is NOT a serious condition, but it can spread fairly easily
  • Referees check for ringworm prior to competition and can disqualify a wrestler without a doctor’s permission if ringworm is found.
  • Ringworm accounts for 90% of the skin conditions in the sport of wrestling
  • Less than 1% of wrestlers will contract ringworm in the course of a season



  • SHOWERING: wrestlers are required to shower after every practice
  • MAT HYGEINE: the coaching staff clean the wrestling facility 3X daily in-season
  • STREET SHOES: the staff does not allow street shoes on the wrestling mats

Will my child be required or expected to lose weight?

No. Fairfax coaches will never require your wrestler to cut weight. There is a stereotype that wrestlers must cut weight. This stereotype is false.

Weight-management is part of wrestling, but it only occurs within state standards at the high school and collegiate levels. The weight-management process is closely regulated by certified athletic trainers and the coaching staff.

In order for a wrestler to safely drop a weight-class, a wrestler must meet with the coach, the athletic trainer, and parents to determine whether or not it’s an appropriate decision. Wrestlers that choose to safely lose weight learn how to effectively manage their weight and learn the life lesson that their weight is a matter of self-discipline rather than something they have no control over.

Parents concerned about weight loss should know that state associations require that wrestlers are checked for proper hydration and minimum body fat standards prior to the start of the season. Testing is approved by state-approved athletic trainers using scientifically proven specific gravity and skin fold tests. There is an extensive amount of research supporting the decisions state associations make regarding weight loss guidelines.

Is wrestling expensive?

Wrestling is the least expensive sport in Northern Virginia. It’s considered by many to be a “blue collar” sport because all you technically need is a pair of wrestling shoes to participate. You can purchase team gear in our team store.

In-season wrestling (November thru February) is free-of-charge through the school. However, wrestlers are required to purchase the team spirit pack which costs $200.00. These items can be purchased through our team store.

A full cycle of off-season wrestling (March thru July) normally costs around $800. This includes tournament entry fees, training, travel expenses, and camp expenses.

What does my child need to participate?
  1. Current VHSL physical (form)
  2. Emergency Care (form)
  3. Signed FCPS Participation Policy (form)
  4. Concussion Education (online)
  5. Wrestling shoes (order from team store)
  6. USA Wrestling Card (online)
  7. Team spirit pack gear (order from team store)
What kind of fundraisers does the team do?

Leaf raking fundraiser


June push-up-a-thon

June car wash weekend


Independence Weekend Open tournament

How can I support the program?
  • Join a parent carpool with wrestlers in your neighborhood
  • Assist with running concessions at tournaments and athletic events
  • Be a booster representative for the wrestling program
  • Bring food for the wrestlers at tournaments and matches (e.g., fruit, sandwiches, yogurt, pancakes, bagels)
  • Support the FFX Wrestling program financially by writing a check to Fairfax High School Wrestling Booster Club
  • Support your wrestler to dedicate him or herself to the sport, and encourage your wrestler to persevere through obstacles and setbacks

Where can I purchase team gear?

Purchasing team gear is easy! Ships to your door, and no minimum quantity!

Purchase your team gear here!